Welcome to the Beyond Boundaries Counseling RGV Secure Client Area

Welcome to Beyond Boundaries Counseling RGV

My name is Jessica Hope Murph MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT-S), Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). In order to fit in the client/counselor relationship you can expect the first session to be all about me getting to know you, you getting to know more about my process, and above all I want you to feel safe, comfortable, and respected as a human being with all the human rights you deserve.

I am:
LGBTQ+ affirming therapist
Polyamorous friendly
Kink Friendly
Against Ableism
Neurospicy and affirming of all Non-neurotypical struggles
A privileged, able-bodied, white cis-gender female
Fat/Body Positive
Believer that the environment is toxic, not the religion
Really great at recognizing BS and toxic relationships

The decision to begin therapy does not make you weak-minded or a weak person; it does not mean you have failed, it means you're ready to get better! Everyone has different reasons for attending therapy: anxiety, trauma, family, relationship issues, intimacy issues, and gender dysphoria... No matter what guided you to take this step to know that you are in a safe space where your rights and beliefs are fully validated. As a client-focused therapist, I will not give you advice but rather help you find your own solutions to the barriers lying in your way that are keeping you from living your best life or having the best relationship.

When working with individuals, couples, and families I employ science-based approaches but also encourage holistic self-care. I encourage my clients to advocate for their spiritual, social, medical, and artistic needs. I allow my clients the right to choose which treatment method they prefer as only my clients know what will help them the most.

"The key to happiness is first knowing what your core values are and then finding the way to live your life by those values"
"Therapy is not for wusses"

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